Tips For Choosing The Best Luggage Set For Your Next Trip To India

Few adventures are as exciting as traveling to a foreign country. Being able to see exotic locations and experience other cultures firsthand is something that most people only dream about. One of the keys to having a great time is to plan everything out ahead of time. That includes making sure that you have all of the proper documentation, planning your itinerary, and packing all of your most essential items.

Before you can start packing, however, you need to decide what luggage you are going to take. These tips for choosing the best luggage set for your next trip to India from The UK Online Luggage Shop should help:

1. Decide whether you want soft-sided or hard-sided luggage.

Soft-sided bags are easier to fit into tight spaces. Hard-sided suitcases, on the other hand, provide more protection for the items that are placed inside. When deciding which option is best for your situation, think about the modes of transportation that you will be using and the types of items that you will be transporting.

2. Choose bags that are easy to recognize.

Almost everyone has plain black luggage. That can make it really hard to find your bags on a luggage carousel at the airport. Try choosing luggage that has an unusual color or pattern. That way, you can easily spot it on the conveyor belt, making it easier to find.

3. Consider the size of the luggage.

Airlines have strict size limits for carry-on bags. Make sure there is a bag in the luggage set that is small enough for you to take on the plane with you. Any bags that you are planning on checking can be quite a bit larger. However, keep in mind that extremely large suitcases can be difficult to transport to and from the airport.

4. Make sure the luggage has wheels.

Once all of your belongings are loaded into a suitcase or carry-on bag, it can become extremely heavy. If you have ever had to carry a heavy suitcase from your car to the airport, you know just how difficult it can be. The best way to get around this problem is by choosing luggage that has built-in wheels. Being able to pull your bag along behind you is far easier than having to lift and carry it around with you everywhere that you go.

Understand that occasionally luggage goes missing, so if you’re taking a number of pieces of luggage it could be a good idea to mix up the contents, for example so that all your underwear is not in one bag. If that bag were to go missing it is likely that you will need to go shopping straight away for new underwear. When you mix up the contents so that you have a little of everything in each bag, you are a lot better prepared for travel in India.

Choosing the best luggage set for your next trip to India should be a lot easier now that you have these tips.

Increasing Demand For Taxi Services In India

India has the world’s second largest population with 33% urban share which is expected to grow at 9% every year. Being an emerging economy, India’s significant amount of growth largely depends on the Transportation sector. The government is expanding rapid mass transit systems (eco-friendly) in big cities and plans to provide the same in tier 2 cities. However, a huge number of people still travel by cabs regardless because the metro network in any city (except Delhi & NCR to some extent) fails to cover the entire destination that citizens want to reach. one of the largest taxi services provider in India they offer first class taxi services allover the India. Cabs are convenient for long distances as, unlike metro rails, you remain seated throughout the for tour

Faults In Old Cab Industry

The potential of this market has been successfully tapped by the cab aggregators who do not own a single cab but merely connect customers to drivers via technology, and their profits have been growing exponentially due to rising demand. Cabs were available before the advent of app-based cab services, but black and yellow taxi services in India were problem-ridden such as:

• Dishonest cab drivers who instead of going by meter would try to negotiate a lump-sum which was usually way higher than the metered amount.
• Not every black and yellow taxi (for example, Ambassador Taxis in Kolkata) had AC, and it was difficult to travel in hot weather.
• Catching a cab involved walking to the main road and waving at every vacant cab passing by and the driver had the ultimate choice of giving a ride.
• Even if a cab stopped for you, it depended on the destination where you wanted to go whether you’d get the service. Drivers would usually reject pick and drop of small distances as they preferred providing services only for longer distances.
• Hiring a cab late at night was next to impossible because of the exorbitant amount of money demanded by the drivers.
• Cabs would deny dropping at your exact desired location and leave you on the main road instead.
• Passengers wouldn’t even know if the driver held a valid driving license. Hence, safety and security of the passenger were not ensured.

The Solution Providers

The app-based cab booking services offered by aggregators like Ola, Uber, Meru, etc. provided a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to the problems above. These cabs run on-meter, and the fare is shown on the app before booking. Each cab is a decent commercial vehicle which provides you free AC, picks you from the point you’re located at and drops you at the exact desired location whether it’s day or late at night. This has been possible because the bargaining power is not provided to either the customer or the driver and fares are standardized keeping in mind the affordability and the profitability of the stakeholders. These cabs also provide you the driver’s information, and they hold a valid driving license. A plethora of factors like these has contributed towards the sky-rocketing demand for cab services in India.

Things About Waterproof Luggage Before Travelling To India

When you are travelling to India, there are a million things you need to check at Yes, you need to be safe and yes, you shouldn’t wear revealing clothes to avoid unwanted attention. Other than that, India does have an unexpected climate. Sometimes it could be too hot and other times it just won’t stop raining. This is why, the temperature in major areas of India is hot and humid. So, now the question is what you need to pack when travelling to this beautiful, spiritual country.

Yes, you need waterproof luggage.

Like I said, the weather forecast isn’t always able to detect how much it could rain. If you have to roman on the streets all day, you better have a waterproof luggage or best rolling bag with you all times to keep your documents and cell phone safe. Try to ensure that these bags have wheels if you are planning for day travelling. The taxis aren’t so easily available at any point of time. You might need to walk a lot. If it’s raining, the shed areas won’t be good enough. And after all, how long could you keep hiding under it? The size of the bag needs to be appropriate enough for you to carry your umbrella and an extra pair of shoes as the streets quickly get flooded. Plus, the dust would be all over the roads.

Personal Aid Kit

Indian medicines don’t suit everyone, and with the amount of dust in the cities, you should ensure that you have all your medicines with you in case of allergies or asthma. Have a high protection sun screen, because the scorching heat could burn you. The summers are pretty hot in all the cities of India, except the southern regions. When the weather remains dry, you would need a lip balm too. Insects are pretty common when you cross the not-so-maintained streets. Thus, it would be a good idea to keep Anti-histamine cream with you. You would need anti-bacterial sanitizers as well to keep your hands clean so you don’t catch any disease or fall sick. Everyone loves the street food of India and you need to try it out, but then, if you indulge too much in it there is still a risk factor involved. The Indian food might not suit you and thus, you must carry anti-spasm tablets for Diarrhea, just in case.

No, I don’t want to scare you away, but just reminding you of all the factors you need to keep in mind when you are planning for a visit to India. The religious places and Northern hills are indeed beautiful. The people are helpful and would love to share stories about the country. But on the same hand, you have to take care of your health and safety, right?